Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sugar, yes please.

This is officially like the coolest thing evarrr to do at a wedding. Look how everyone is just enjoying themselves, letting their hair down and having fun dancing along! That's how a celebration should be done yo! I really want mine to be like a party too! :)

Monday, January 26, 2015


And so over the weekend the first of us 4 got married!

The 4 of us have walked the bride through a journey from being single to attached, and now finally happily married. This couple has really gone through a lot of ups and downs to be where they are now, and I was so overwhelmed with joy I just couldn't stop shedding tears throughout the day. :') It was a honor and privilege to get involved in their wedding, from gatecrashing to helping out in coordinating the holy matrimony, to being a jiemei, and I really gained and learn a lot from it. Here's to days of heaven of earth to the newlyweds, and.... who's next? :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The path of Grace.

一步又一步 这是恩典之路
祢爱 祢手 将我紧紧抓住。
一步又一步 这是盼望之路
祢爱 祢手 牵引我走这人生路。

"Step by step, this is the path of grace. Your love and Your hand, was the one that was holding on tight to me. Step by step, this is the path of hope. Your love and Your hand, leads me through this road of life."

Thank You for the walk down memory lane from the past till now, and the beautiful reminder of how faithful You have always been and will always be. Never letting go, never giving up; always going through/being beside/staying in it with me however dark the days might be. Thank You for such an intimate moment, and for letting me feel that closeness to You once more. Love you Lord, and thank you for loving me. :')