Saturday, October 25, 2014

Are diamonds really a girl's best friend?

Recently over dinner, my friend and me were randomly discussing about this topic: does a proposal ring automatically have to be a diamond ring? While most girls would love one (as big as the guy could afford), I personally would opt for a simple classy proposal ring/wedding band because:

1. Diamond rings aren't worth as much as it’s bought when it’s sold.

2. The extra money saved from not getting a diamond ring can be used to top up for the honeymoon trip, or buy a couple of household appliances which is more practical.

3. The diamond ring will be kept in a box since the wedding band is what I'll wear, which is plain silly. Even without the wedding band, I don't think I'd wear the diamond ring since I'll be doing household chores and in the process it might get scratched/slip off my finger and go missing.

4. Diamond ring or a simple classy ring, all that ultimately matters is the heart of the man who is giving it to me. A ring without the true significance of the love and heart of the man is worth nothing, while with it any ring can be the most valuable and priceless one.

Or maybe I'm just different. But I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, right? 

Friday, October 24, 2014

About Love.

It hurts to hear people fall out of love, even more so when it's my friends. Hearing what they went through pains my heart, because I know they deserve much much more. Much more than how they were treated.

While as humans we can't love perfectly like how daddy God and Jesus do, but I believe true love doesn't bring fear (of emotional and physical abuse), or doubts on whether it really is love. True love gives us a reason to stay, to fight together, to not give up on each other through thick and thin. True love doesn't walk out on bad days, or nitpick on our flaws and weaknesses. It embraces while seeking a journey to grow together to become better individuals. True love encourages, supports, and believe. 

Was just telling mummy the other day that while love could start with the fireworks and adrenaline rush, it should not be what both parties constantly seek for. As time progresses in the relationship it will eventually settle into a calm and stable state, and many always mistaken it as that love has fizzled out. On the contrary, I feel this is the most romantic part; to be able to complete his sentence, to know what he wants before he even says it, to know all his likes and dislikes, his quirks and habits, his moods based on his actions, and having him being comfortable enough to just be himself. Where's there no need to always put the best foot forward anymore and open up to me his vulnerable, goofy, sometimes even crazy side. Nothing beats having him trusting me with his joys and woes, his thoughts and emotions.

And that true love is worth the wait for.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Churrosity for Churros.

Caught a cold two days back and I was having a on/off fever, cough, body ache, plus the time of the month had to come together with a nasty cramp yesterday. On a PH. Way to go to kickstart the day. But anything can be fixed with a cup of churros from Churrosity. Not that I should be eating it when I'm feeling unwell, but since daddy drove us there for lunch and I passed by it, no reason why I should not get myself something that would cheer me up right? :)

Churrosity (Churros & Frappes)
241 Holland Avenue, #01-02
Singapore 278976
(Next to Crystal Jade)