Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wise words & advice.

“People have the power to break your heart, and it’s okay to protect yourself from that.

Don’t be afraid to say no to what you know to be poison to your heart. 

You are not weak because you guard yourself. You are strong because you are willing to protect what you know to be worth more - your heart.

I want you to be strong enough, brave enough, and you enough to walk away from everything that breaks your heart or makes you settle.

Foster what makes your heart thrive, not what makes your heart question it’s own worth.”

- Katherine Henson -

Monday, October 20, 2014

The light in the dark valley.

These days I really hate coming to work. Not that I hate my job, but it feels like I'm back to those days at the start when I was just the temp girl. When most days are spent crying at screw-ups.

I lost count how many times in the last 3 weeks I've broke down and cried at my desk, how many times I cursed and swear, and how many times I felt so helpless I wanted to dump everything and walk out. And it's all thanks to Shenzhen customs, who upped their rules and regulations. All because of those dumb jokers who are trafficking money and iPhone6 s. From my office's shipments to my blogshop's, every single parcel is locked down by them and checked, and express shipments that usually take 2 days now take 1-3 weeks to clear a simple customs check.

That's not to mention the scoldings and insults I get from customers for the delays. 
"AGAIN?! Is your company involved in trafficking that's why all these is happening?" 
"I don't even know why you are employed, you can't even do your job well."
"Besides saying sorry and trying your best, you are really good for nothing."
"Bet you're lazy and just sitting on your job, that's why things are not moving!"

And then there's the numerous phone slams. The even more degrading remarks like being called stupid and useless. But still, customers are customers; and I apologized... for something that is beyond our control and not our fault. We're powerless to control or have a say against the customs authorities, for them to prioritize or release our goods/not lock them down. All I wished for is to have the buyers' understanding.

Being in this job for 7 years, I'd say I gave my best and my all to make sure things are done to standards. I've always played it safe and always hold on to the rule of "better early than late". Throughout the years nothing like that has ever happened before, and for once losing control of what I can do to uphold my excellence in terms of my job makes me depressed. But it made me pressed in more to grace, and to Jesus for strength to even step into office day after day to pick up those calls. Never learn to humble even more than now. Never learn to have the brain turn quicker to find all kinds of alternatives in order to settle the screw-ups. Uncomfortable places. Uncomfortable places. But 2014 shall end in Greater Glory. Stretched more but grown more. Lost my dignity but gotten humility. Gone through the most ridiculous screw-ups but obtained wisdom and practical smarts of how to handle situations like this. And all good that comes out of this? Glory be to my Jesus. We will get through this. We will.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oven-baked salmon recipe.

It's been a long while since I whipped up a meal! Last Friday while grocery shopping, I randomly felt motivated to cook dinner for myself, so I bought some ingredients and headed home instead of eating out. I thought to share the recipe here because:
1. It's easy to cook
2. It's time-saving (took me about 30 minutes to serve it up)
3. The ingredients are not really expensive
4. It tastes fab!

Ingredients needed:
A packet of Chinese spinach
Shiitake mushrooms
Corn kernels 
(you can opt for the canned ones if you don't want to get the frozen ones)
Salmon fillet (your desired size)
Clove of garlic
Italian herbs (optional)

1. Rinse the salmon fillet and use a little salt to lightly coat around it. Sprinkle Italian herbs on top and wrap it with a piece of aluminium foil. Remember to brush some oil on the foil sheet to prevent the skin from sticking to it, and for easy removal.

(I got straight down to the salmon first because I figured out since it takes 15 minutes to bake in the oven, I could spend the time cutting/prepping/cooking the rest of the sides.)

2. Slice the shiitake mushrooms, dice the garlic, and cut off the half the stem of the spinach. Heat up some butter on the pan and fry the garlic till lightly browned. Add in the sliced mushrooms and fry it for 2-3 minutes. Throw in the spinach and stir-fry it all together.

3. While doing step 2 (if you have another stove), bring some water to boil and pour the desired amount of corn kernels to cook for about 3-5 minutes.

4. Oven-baked salmon should be done by the time steps 2 and 3 is completed. Plate as desired and dinner is ready to serve! :)

Other recommended sides: mashed potato, broccoli